27 August 2014

REVIEW: STM Link Shoulder Bag

Think Link.

Gone are the days when we all had to lug around chunky laptops which seemed to be made of lead. These days the most the average tech-savvy person needs is a phone or tablet, and so gone too are the days of the big and bulky laptop bags. Instead we have digital cargo experts STM and their latest offering, the Link Shoulder Bag.

The STM Link Shoulder Bag is designed around the bare essentials of what you might need on a day to day basis; phone, tablet, wallet, keys, pens, notebook and documents. The Link has all these essentials catered for and keeps them safe while making you look pretty cool. Not that you need a boost.

The main compartment of the shoulder bag, which is aligned in portrait rather than landscape, can accommodate most tablets up to 10 inches. This of course includes all iPads for which the Link is primarily designed, but any tablet of equal size is suitable as well. In fact we even found that the main pocket (which is lined with fleece to prevent screen scratches) could also take a fairly thin 10 inch netbook. Score.

In front of that there is a handy compartment with organisational pockets (which, weirdly, get us really excited) for pens, wallets, flash drives and keys, the latter of which can clip onto the included lanyard. There is also another fleece lined pocket on the front of the bag which has clearly been designed for smartphones, and also a 'hidden' magnet-fastening pocket on top which is great for train tickets and what not.

As with all STM bags the production quality is second to none and we found the waterproof outer layer to be tough and rugged but still comfortable to have bouncing around on your back. The included strap is fully adjustable and can even be completely removed, allowing you to utilise the top-side carry handle.

We love this latest carry-all from STM and its great to see yet more investment in making bags that work around what we actually need to carry these days.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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