28 August 2014

REVIEW: Edifier Exclaim Speakers

I do declare!

As we continue to work our way through the impressive collection of multimedia speakers from Edifier, this time round we've thoroughly checked out the Exclaim. But get this... THESE ARE NOT BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS! We know, pretty shocking.

But hang on there, because although they may not feature the now expected norm in modern speaker connectivity we actually like them. A lot. So will your bank balance.

The Edifier Exclaim are a pair of speakers that have to connect to mains electricity for power and use a phono lead to plug into your PC, laptop, Mp3, phone etc. So, unlike a lot of the speakers we get sent to test, we're not going anywhere with these. Cancel the rainy barbeque testing phase. But Edifier have not designed the Exclaim to be carted about to festivals to annoy the people in the next tent till 3am, as these are good old fashioned desktop speakers to poise either side of your display and to enjoy Netflix through when you really ought to be working.

(Hang on, just got to finish the rest of this episode of the American Office... Done, cheers.)

Having not to worry about Bluetooth connection and battery life is actually pretty refreshing, and right now we have the exclaim plugged into the computer just ready to make beautiful music... and beautiful it is indeed. Although not the highest spec speakers we've ever played with (and not even the best from Edifier) the Exclaim reproduce a great level quality of sound, both for full-on music and the subtle dialogue and sound effects of TV. And the best thing? The price. The Edifier Exclaim weigh in at just around £70.

We love the look of the Exclaim, with the barely-hanging-on top section and pleasingly round sub-woofer base, and the whole design is tilted back to mirror the angle at which your monitor or screen will be. These look great either side of something like an iMac or a Dell all-in-one PC. They also serve as fairly good living room entertainment speakers and work great with most TVs. And, once again, the fact that they just plug straight in (like in the good old days) is a bonus for us. We're not that good with technical stuff.

For budget desktop speakers that provide a surprisingly high quality of sound, we say go for the Edifier Exclaim.

Around £79.99

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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