9 July 2014

REVIEW: Leef Access

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We recently reviewed (and happily enthused about) a clever two-way USB flash drive from Leef, the Bridge 3.0. Keen to see what else Leef could pull out of the Android-pleasing gadget bag we tested their MicroSD card reader, the Leef Access.

As opposed to Apple iPhones and iPads, most Android-running phones and tablets will feature a MicroSD card port, allowing expandable storage. Getting a card in and out of your device usually means having to either powering it down  or removing the battery entirely, so Leef came up with an obvious solution: a MicroSD reader designed to be used with Android's USB On-The-Go system.

Therefore the Access features a MicroSD port on one side (and also a handy storage bay to keep an additional card safe) and on the other a micro USB connector. Slide in a MicroSD card, pop it in into your phone or tablet's USB port and you'll be able to copy videos, photos and files directly to that card. You'll also be able to read from the connected card, drastically expanding your device's storage without the hassle of having to fiddle about.

Waterproof and dustproof, the Leef Access also features an extended micro USB connector, meaning that even if your phone is in a thick protective case, you won't have to remove it to insert the reader; clever thinking there. Transfer rates were also fairly impressive and we never had any problems discovering the Access on a number of Android devices.

All in all, another winning Android accessory from Leef.


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