1 July 2014

NEWS: Sugru builds best ever water pistol. Ever.

They certainly splashed out.

We're huge fans of Sugru, the wonder substance that can be molded into any shape and that dries like rubber. We gave it a glowing review here and have since then kept a close eye on what the boys and girls at Sugru have been up to.

They didn't disappoint.

It seems that summer is a very important time of year for them, as thanks to designer Alex Bygrave and a crap load of Sugru, they've created the ultimate water blaster. Powered by a CO2 tank, the six-barreled water pistol can fire 40 feet, is valued at around £1250, and... well, check out the video:

Read the story of how they built it here: http://sugru.com/blog/the-story-of-the-sugru-water-pistol
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