20 May 2014

REVIEW: Amazing Spiderman 2 Toys

With great power come great toys

Which superhero did you used to dream about being? We say 'used to', but we bet most of you still harbour longings to jump into your own Batmobile or tear off your shirt in a phone booth or transform into a big green monster when you get miffed. For us however, it will always be to swing through the skies over Manhattan on sticky webs. And now, thanks to the new range of Amazing Spiderman 2 toys from Hasbro, our dreams have become a (near) reality.

Like giddy school kids we jumped for joy when we were sent a couple of toys from the new film's range, and got with the playing as quick as Speedy Gonzalez on crack.

Triple Attack Spiderman

This ten inch action figure is packed with features. Press the little button on Spidey's belt and he'll cycle through a list of 25 classic Spiderman phrases and sounds. Attach either one of the two included accessories (the web whip and web shocker) and the sounds change to action noises, blasts and whips. Oh, and his eyes light up.

Although a pretty oversized figure (and lacking any articulation at the knees and elbows) we rather liked this lanky sod. The web whip is suitably flexible and can actually be whipped around a bit. In the dark the glowing eyes, which come to life whenever the belt button is pressed, look pretty awesome.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Spider Vision Mask

An interesting one this, the Spider Vision Mask lets youngsters (and thanks to adjustable straps, oldsters) pretend to be Spiderman in quite a nicely designed and styled way. Unlike other character masks that simply churn out sounds, the Spider Vision Mask emits a bean of IR light which is in turn reflected by the two included 'web disks'. Kids chuck the disks and see how they glow as they fly.

Like we said, this will also fit most adult head sizes (cheers Hasbro!) and we were pretty impressed by how the flying little disks seem to glow through the mask eye pieces. The mask itself is also well designed in plastic but with raised rubber parts to make the web pattern. It actually does look pretty realistic.

If you're buying this for a child, try to have a play with it yourself as it truly is something.


Available from www.tesco.com  

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