1 April 2014

VIDEO REVIEW: Hubsan SpyHawk FPV RC Plane

Come fly with me...

Ever ones to go nuts when radio control is mentioned, we salivated for days over the prospect of getting to fly Hubsan's signature RC aeroplane, the SpyHawk FPV.

Whereas before in our RC adventures we've been limited to stand and gawk up at the sky as we attempt to keep a helicopter from crashing into the neighbour's greenhouse again (true story), this time we're seeing it from an altogether different point of view. And so, sit back, hold on to your lunch, and join us in the skies.

As you can see, we were pretty impressed. Handling the SpyHawk FPV was alarmingly easy, far easier than a first go on a quadcopter or helicopter, both of which we've experienced plenty of times. In fact, as the SpyHawk can keep itself level - even in gusty conditions - there were times when we could let go of the controller completely and savour the view on the screen.

Although we mentioned in the video that the SpyHawk was basically a big bit of moulded polystyrene, it was surprisingly rugged and tough. The wings are designed to fall off if too much pressure is put on them - this we discovered a few times during test flight crashes. Incredibly the tiny connectors in the wings that connect the servos to the battery come apart under just the right amount of force, meaning they'll stay tight together in flight but disconnect in a crash.

We're not saying that the plane is invincible though, and after a few flights we noticed the odd scratch and gauge in the body. Fortunately replacement parts from Hubsan are fairly cheap, meaning even after a catastrophic crash you'll be able to repair it relatively easily.

Thanks to Ebuyer.com for sending us the Hubsan SpyHawk FPV. Amazingly they have it available right now for just £119.99.

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