24 April 2014

REVIEW: ActiPatch Knee Pain Relief

Not a patch on this...

This review comes after probably the longest testing period we've ever done. Two months ago one of our number fell off his bike and injured his knee (apparently he got distracted by a rainbow that was "just too beautiful, man"). Fortunately this coincided with an email from a lovely PR asking if we wanted to try one of ActiPatch's new knee pain relief gizmos, and so we assume that the lucky fluke was the universe's way of saying sorry for being so beautiful.

The ActiPatch Knee Pain Relief is a tiny electronic gizmo that is neatly tied up in an adjustable, reusable, knee wrap. The module, and attached loop of coil, generate a low-level electromagnetic pulse which, when centred over the source of pain in the knee, is designed to alleviate discomfort.

The unit itself is self-contained with no option to remove or replace the internal battery. That means it is a one-shot thing and the life you'll get out of the device is equal to the life of the battery. Fortunately the ActiPatch Knee Pain Relief comes complete with a battery capable of giving 720 hours of use, and the on-off switch allows you to save some of the juice for later.

The directions advised that our hapless rainbow-spotter keep the ActiPatch on for as long as possible, day and night. This wasn't much of a problem for him as the included knee wrap is soft and comfortable, and once on and adjusted appropriately, doesn't shift around all too much, not  even during sleep.

But did it work? According to our man... yes. Apparently after just two days of wearing the ActiPatch Knee Pain Relief the swelling and inflammation at the source of the pain had drastically reduced. After just another couple of days there was hardly any pain at all and full movement had returned to the joint. Happy chappy.

After taking the ActiPAtch off for the first time in a few days our cyclist chum found he was basically back to his usual, distractible self. However, whenever a slight pain did return to the knee he found that slipping it back on, rather than taking pain killers, was far more effective pain relief. He's been doing so over the past two months and now, it seems, is fully healed.

So it must be magic, or at least the use of low-level safe electromagnets actually work against pain and swelling. Even way, we know of one guy who will certainly attest to the effectiveness of the ActiPatch Knee Pain Relief.

And to the beauty of rainbows.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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