10 April 2014

FEATURE: The Manper Session #3

A close shave.

In previous Manper Sessions (a male pampering session) we've merely hinted at all the great kit out there to help a chap keep his face as fresh as a ten minute old daisy... until now. Delving into the depth of the internet (its quite useful once you get past all that porn) we have sourced three new pieces of cleverness which will soon be part of your morning shaving routine.

An eight day beard might be considered the most attractive form of facial hair for a man to carry, but to those people we merely scoff. Poor unshaven sods... they're missing out on so many cool things.

Atom X Power Shaver

Women might whinge about their monthly visit from aunt Flo (offensive?), but surely shaving is the male equivalent. Chaps that choose to trim off the ever-sprouting face fuzz will battle daily with razors, foam, gel, moisturisers, balms, and little bits of toilet tissue to soak up the blood. Bearded men pity their shaven brothers, which is why we think that if JML Direct is run by hairy blokes, they are really kind.

The Atom X Power Shaver is a micro shaver designed with the smart-faced guy in mind. About the size of a credit card and weighing no more than a mobile phone from ten years ago, the Atom X is rechargeable, waterproof, and easily carried around.

If you need to keep the hairs completely off, tolerating not even a slight shadow of stubble, the Atom X is perfect. Important meeting in the afternoon? Want to appear as fresh-faced as possible? A quick once-over with the Atom X in your executive bathroom will make sure you are as smooth as the bonnet of a Porsche.

Included with the razor are batteries, carry pouch, cleaning brush and replacement flexible grill; everything you need to keep your chin baby-soft and clean, be it at work, home or on your hols.


Bluebeard’s Revenge ‘Cut Throat’ Shavette

Only real men use cut throat razors. We know this because any previous experience we’ve had of using them, we’ve ended up bleeding quite profusely; therefore proving we are real men and not androids impersonating gadget reviewers. Because of such red, red mornings we’ve often steered clear of Sweeney Todd’s murder weapon of choice.

That is until we were sent the Bluebeard’s Revenge Shavette, a cut throat razor with an interchangeable blade. By simply using a standard (and thankfully cheap) double sided razor blade that you must carefully snap in half and fit yourself, the shavette produces a reassuringly smooth shave with few accidents.

The blue handle is a dream to hold and it felt very natural in our hands. Obviously it took a bit of practice to perfect the art of this kind of shaving (may we recommend http://www.bluebeards-revenge.co.uk/about/shaving-tips/ for tips?), but once mastered it actually was a lot of fun.

Great for those chaps with their hearts in the past.


Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Guys, you’re all gorgeous. We say that without any fear of being mocked, as we’re genuinely sure that each and every one of our stalwart male readers is a handsome bugger. If you’re not sure if you are, then perhaps you need a better mirror; a mirror that has its own USB port. Surely that is a first.

The Sensor Mirror from Simplehuman is the greatest and most advanced piece of reflective surfacing since the Titanic gave that big chunk of ice in the north Atlantic a major polishing. The mirror has a built in sensor that can detect when your cheeky mug is close to the surface, activating a ring of intensely bright LED lights.

The illumination from the lights simulates natural day light, meaning you’ll get the truest image of your face you’ve ever seen, allowing you check your delicate complexion. And, you know, make-up, if you’re wearing any.

The distortion-free mirror has a X5 magnification as well, so you can see every little detail. We were surprised at just how much detail the mirror picked up on, including several specks of lunch that always seem to get lodged in teeth.

We love that the whole thing is rechargeable, meaning once juiced-up in can sit in your bathroom, lighting up your manly face, and there’s no need to worry about getting electrocuted.

Always a plus.


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