12 March 2014

REVIEW: Niceday Berlin Executive Chair

Ich bin ein Berliner

We can’t speak for you but right now we’re sitting down. As you can imagine writing for a review website involves quite a bit of sitting down (when we’re not shooting each other with Nerf guns or hunting around for lost LEGO pieces). This means that bottom comfort is very important and we’ve searched the net to find something to place our rumps upon that is supportive, comfy and stylish. And we found it.

The Niceday Berlin Executive Chair was top of our list, not just because of the cool-looking, Mad Men-like style, but also because of the price. If you thought Don Draper sat on only the most expensive of bum-holders, think again. We unpacked the chair, received with thanks from Viking Direct, and warmed up our trousers.

Like we said it was the look of the Berlin Executive Chair that caught our eye.  Cool cream wrapped around bright chrome fittings ensure that it makes your crappy plastic office seat look like a milk stool. Once assembled (which took us no more than 15 minutes - all tools included) we were impressed by how ‘executive’ the chair actually is… but at a bargain price.

At time of publication the chair retails on www.viking-direct.co.uk for just £34.99, and considering that that price includes a leather-faced, chrome supported piece of furniture delivered for free, colour us impressed. But our satisfaction with the product extends further than just staring at it in our office – we actually sat on it. We know… we go that extra mile for our readers.

Comfortable, with great lumbar support, the Niceday Berlin Executive Chair is a dream to sit on. In terms of adjustability you can control the height (thanks to the pleasing hissy lever on the underside – who doesn’t enjoy playing with that?) rotation and tilt. Nicely done by Niceday, the tilt can be adjusted to make it stiffer or freer, meaning you won’t suddenly go flipping backwards out of sight during a high-pressure meeting. There’s also a tilt lock which prevents it all together, just in case you want to appear anything but casual.

And for those worried that sitting on the chair while on a slippy office floor will lead to hilarious, YouTube-demanding incidents of wheeling around uncontrollably… relax. The Niceday Berlin Executive Chair features special locking castors, meaning that the wheels only work when you’re not sitting on it. As soon as your, ahem, substantial human weight is applied the wheels automatically lock, keeping you at your desk.

As this review is being typed up we can certainly attest to the chair’s support. If you do have to sit for a great deal of your day then it is important to get something that offers the right kind of support for your back and arms. The Niceday Berlin Executive Chair supplies this with aplomb, and with those good looks and tidy price, we suggest you furnish your entire house with them.

If we could, we’d convert one into a toilet.


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