5 March 2014

REVIEW: Gigaset E630A Home Phone

For those EXTREME calls.

Rugged, waterproof and armoured mobile phones are the rage these days, as are cases that offer similar protection. But it's all well and good keeping your mobile safe when you're out and about... but what about your home phone? If you're anything like us, your landline phone will be daily exposed to spillages, knocks and – because we don't have that many friends – dust from under use.

Thankfully German phone maker Gigaset (whose touch screen phone, the SL910A, we reviewed here) are here to help. Their latest handset for the home, the E630A, is shock, dust and splash resistant, while retaining some useful features and good looks. We plugged it in, dialled our mums, and got chatting.

The handset itself is solidly build in tough plastic and feels in our hands a lot more traditional than the aforementioned touch screen SL910A. It reminded us of mobile phones from ten, fifteen years prior, which isn't at all a bad thing. The colour display is 1.8 inches across and all buttons (with the exception of the side volume rocker) are rubberised – further evidence that this phone can take a dousing by a child's juice cup.

Included in the box along with the phone itself in the base station, handset charging stand and all the wires you need. Setting up was easy and once charged the handset found the base station quickly and we were ready to make calls. Speaking of that charge, you'll get a solid 14 hours of talk time, and also 310 hours of standby from it, so there's no need to worry about it laying around the house away from the stand.

Call quality was very good, even at a removed distance from the base station. No matter how many walls and doors we hid behind, the reception was full and the call was clear. The other person sounded nice and crisp without distortion, and the same was reported from the other end about us. Thanks mum!

As with all Gigaset phones the E630A is crammed with personalised details like changeable wallpapers, ring tones and colour themes. The phonebook will hold 200 contacts and you'll get 55 minutes worth of answer phone messages stored in there. There's a even a torch light built in to the top of the phone, useful for alerting you to a call and also as a handy light.

But by far the most useful feature of the Gigaset E630A is the fact that it seems to be near indestructible. For people with children who are constantly wanting to copy mummy and daddy by playing with the phone, this is a must have. Certainly stops you worrying about jammy and sticky fingers messing up your tech!

Around £90

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