27 March 2014

REVIEW: Be-Ez LE Bag Pro

It's (all) in the bag.

Hot on the heels of our Be-Ez LE Littoral iPad Folio review we were keen to see more from the French accessory-concerned designers. And boy did they not disappoint. We were sent what Be-Ez refer to as "the most advanced backpack", and, after testing the LE Bag Pro, we find it hard to disagree with them. Of course, as with all the carry-alls we like to take a look at, the LE Bag Pro has very much been built with the gadget fan in mind. We strapped it on and ventured out into the big wide world.

The Be-Ez LE Bag Pro is an inconspicuous-looking black pack with two shoulder straps. The only colour on the exterior is from a slight split on the front which reveals a deep yellow lining. Open up the bag you get a lot more of this yellow (which apparently is easy to see in low light) ... and a lot more of something else.

Hot-damn does this things have a lot of pockets. We counted 23 pockets and compartments - and we're not even sure we've found them all. The bag is divided into two main halves, each of which having several other pockets within it. There are also secret pockets; one hidden behind another pocket in the main compartment, and two smaller ones concealed behind the unique strap-attached front flap. 

Security has definitely come up at a meeting at Be-Ez, because, thanks to those unique straps, it would be very hard for a thief or pick-pocket to get into your bag without you knowing. Safety is also high on the agenda as the interior laptop compartment is thickly padded. It can accommodate a laptop up to 13 inches in size (although a 17 inch version is also available) and of course the many other pockets are great for power adaptors, headphones, and all the other useful stuff we tech-heads need.

Interesting added extras are the top hand strap that lives inside it's very own pocket, and a pull-out waterproof cover that can wrap around your bag to ensure zero moisture gets to your gadgets (which also lives in its own pocket - so maybe the number should be 24?).

We love this back pack; it's comfortable to wear - even with a heavy load - and looks great. We're sure that Be-Ez will get in touch now and tells us about the ten other pockets we're yet to discover.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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