7 February 2014

REVIEW: Maui Jim Switchback Sunglasses

A shade cleverer.

As you might have discovered by the low and glaring winter sun, summer isn't the only time to pop on a pair of shades. Regardless of if you are skiing, snowboarding or driving the kids to school, a good quality pair of sunnies are essential – all year round. But what happens when the light changes, when it suddenly gets brighter or dimmer? In the past you were stuffed; either make do with inappropriate shades or carry around a second pair. Those days, my friends, are over – all thanks to the Switchbacks from Maui Jim.

Maui Jim make some seriously cool looking shades in a variety of styles and materials. The new Switchbacks are unique as they feature interchangeable lenses that are suitable for different light conditions. Unlike other similar products that boast a lens swap-out feature, the Switchbacks use one-piece sturdy lenses that securely clip into a strong one-piece frame.

To change the lens all we had to do was press a small button on the top of the frames which essentially unlocks the the glasses. The current lens can then be popped out and swapped for another more suitable lens. What makes the whole process more practical is the inclusion with the Switchbacks of a carry case that allows you to neatly store all your other lenses. Mmm, we do love a well thought out carry case!

The Switchback frame itself is very comfortable to wear while gripping onto your head well. The secure fit would make them excellent sporting glasses – particularly for runners and skiers. But as the Switchbacks also feature a clear lens, we could imagine them being great for general outdoor and work use. If while out camping you needed to keep the wind out of your eyes but disn't want the beautiful scene around you darkened, the Switchbacks are ideal.

All the lenses have waterproof and oleophobic coatings to shed water and repel smudges, as well as proprietary CLEARSHELL scratch-resistant coating to reduce scratches. Not many sunnies can claim to have that amount of technology packed into them.

A superb looking pair of shades, with the brilliantly devised idea of interchangeable lenses. Well done Jim.


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