22 January 2014

REVIEW: Brunton Torpedo Hybrid Power Pack

Damn the torpedoes!

Keeping your essential gadgets juiced up is one of life's little necessities these days. After all, who would want to miss a vital tweet from Harry Styles or not be able to listen to the What Does The Fox Say song on repeat while attending a funeral? Not us, that’s for sure. That is why we never leave home without a mobile power pack such as this one or this one.

But what happens when even the power packs run dry and you're still 90 miles from Dundee? With no outlet socket in your car how are you going to charge the kids' tablet with back-to-back episodes of Spongebob playing out? Easy, because you bought the Torpedo Hybrid Power Pack from Brunton.

With it's thick black grip and chunky metal end, the Torpedo looks more like a power tool than a convenient gadget. It's this solid appearance that lends itself to making the Torpedo an extremely pleasurable thing to grip in your hand; its the same feeling you get from holding a big Nerf blaster or when pretending a drill is actually a gun.

Basically what we have here is a portable power pack (a battery with USB input and output) that also includes a car adapter, meaning it can also be charged from your car as well as from a home power socket.

That's a great bit of innovation right there, meaning the Torpedo is the perfect choice for gadget fans who are taking long road trips. An extra added quirk of the design means that while the Torpedo is in the car charging it can also be used as a USB power adapter in its own right, supplying juice to all your mobile tech. We're thinking especially satnavs here.

So we already know it's awesomely useful and cleverly designed to boot; but what about in the field? A Test Pit road trip wad in order, so we filled the coffee flasks, chucked some biscuits in a hamper, and hit the tarmac.

As the Torpedo Hybrid Power Pack comes pre charged we had no bother using it straight out of the packet. We found that when fully charged the Torpedo provided the averaged sized smartphone (in our tests an iPhone 5) with around two full charge ups. That means that even on its own, away from a car or a plug socket to fill it up, the Torpedo could keep your phone going for a whole couple of days, depending on usage.

We found the same was true for our car's satnav: two full charges, although it was far easier to just leave the satnav connected to the Torpedo while it was plugged into the car power socket.

Tablets were also given a thorough charge, and our iPad received about one and a half juice ups from the fully charged Torpedo. So a multitude of gadgets received far more than their fair share of power.

We really love the Torpedo Hybrid Power Pack, and Brunton have outdone themselves with both the look, build quality and usefulness of this sexy little gadget.


Visit www.brunton.com

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