10 December 2013

REVIEW: House of Marley Headphones and Watch

One love, two bits of tech.

Sorry to sound so biased early in the review, but we effing love The House of Marley. We've previoulsy tested another pair from their extensive headphone range, the Positive Vibration set, so we jumped at the chance to try out something else.

So imagine our glee to hear that we could also have play with something from their new range of wrist watches; yes, we certainly were jammin'. Also, with both headphones and watch proudly worn in tandem it sort of looked like we were sponsored by the House of Marley. Which we weren't, but y'know... if they wanna...

Liberate On-Ear Headphones

Smaller and slightly more streamlined than the Positive Vibrations, the Liberate pair come in three different flavours; Denim, Midnight and Saddle. The difference is basically the material used on the outside of the cans and along the inside of the head band, but we love that each individual type of House of Marley headphones comes with further options to match your style. We were sent the Saddle pair, and very pleased we were about it too.

As with all of Marley's cans, you get pretty good build quality and couple of nice and reliable features such as the fabric-wrapped cord, angled headphone jack and a gold plated connector. Plus, in accordance with the House of Marley's ethics, the 'phones and also the packaging are fully recyclable.

Popping them on the old bonce is a dream and it never feels like the headband is causing too much pressure. The padded cans sit on the ears very well and we found not a lot of adjustment was needed to attain a solid seal over our shell-likes. They're light as a feather to boot.

The 'Midnight' set.

In terms of sound quality we were just as impressed as we were with the Positive Vibrations. Clearly a lot of effort has gone into giving these headphones a nice and even feeling sound, and regardless of what the website says about Bob Marley and his dream of perfect sound, these are excellently engineered headphones in their own right - and at a very reasonable price.

Around £70 - £100

Visit www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk/liberate-on-ear-headphones

Hitch Leather Watch

Matching the Saddle Liberate headphones perfectly is the smooth brown leather strap and black face of the Hitch watch. We're not normally chaps who wear watches (phones have clocks on them these days, did you know?) but the sight of this watch on our wrists has certainly gone a long way to convert us.

A large dark face sets this watch out from the crowd, along with other subtle and stylish details. The Jamican flag is at the six o'clock position, while through the cut-outs denoting the hours it is plssible to see down to a thin layer of grainy wood. Also the House of Marley logo and name are very tastefully applied, meaning you won’t become a walking billboard.

We love the leather strap with black metal buckles and pin, so designed that the metal of the watch frame never comes into contact with your skin. Comfortable to wear while certainly making it's presence know, the Hitch is the perfect "man watch" for those who don't care about knowing how man atmospheres of pressure they are currently experiencing.


Visit www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk/watches/hitch-leather-watch

The House of Marley products support 1Love, the Marley family charitable organization. This global movement is dedicated to supporting youth, planet and peace.

To find out more about 1Love, please visit their website at www.1love.org
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