26 September 2013

REVIEW: Fuze Cycle Lights

Let there be light.

With the nights drawing in we spare a thought for our dear cyclist friends contending with freezing temperatures and dangerous roads. As visibility is the key factor to surviving the evening rush hour we decided to check out some illuminating cycle gadgets to keep pedal-pounders safe. We found them in the Fuze cycle light range.

Three different products, each one as bright and as interesting as the next - and none of them are standard front/back lights. To make yourself seen to a massive degree - and have a crap load of fun while doing it - check these out...

Fuze Wheel Writer (£19.99).
Why should your handle bars have all the fun? With the Wheel Writer your tyres can get in on it too. This clever little gadget attaches to your wheel and, appropriately, lights up. However, not satisfied with merely shining a warning to other road users, it will actively display your speed.

Using technology we could never begin to understand, the Wheel Writer shows the actual speed that you are travelling at, making it appear to float across your spokes. Not only that, but the nifty piece of tech can also be programmed to display a selection of scrolling pictures and graphics.

At first we were a little perplexed as to what function this would actually serve, other than to increase the cyclist's visibility. But then we realised (while out riding on a gloomy autumnal evening) that motorists did actually take notice - far more notice than they normally would.

Fuze Gyro Glow (£14.99).
Also mounted onto the wheel of your bike, the Gyro Glow is the party-boy cousin of the Wheel Writer. Instead of interesting factual things like your speed, the Gyro goes nuts and displays (again via a magical process we could never comprehend) crazy patterns and psychedelic swirls.

Colours will seems to spark from your bike as you nip to the shops, alerting everyone else to stay the flip away from you... or you'll probably break dance on their face!

Acquiring just as much attention as the Wheel Writer, the Gyro Glow is super bright, super easy to install and, judging by the use we've had from ours so far, long lasting.

Fuze Light Striper (£16.99).
No, not an exotic dancer with loose morals, the Light Striper is actually an innovative answer to being seen at night and by far our favourite of the three.

Very simply, this is a two metre length of bendy plastic wire... that glows. No moving parts, no spinning or flashing or programmable words or pictures; just a very long, flexible and versatile method of illumination. We love it, and not just because it makes your bike look like something from Tron.

Bright blue when glowing, the Light Striper can be twisted around the frame of your bike to make you stand out even more on a dark night or early morning. Because of the flexibility it can be put anywhere - including the rider. In fact we could imagine wrapping it around a high visibility jacket, taping it all down and keeping it as a safety cycle coat. Thanks to the small yet powerful battery pack, this is possible.

But the Light Striper has application possibilities beyond cycling. How about wrapping it around your child's backpack during their walk home from school? What about around the dog's lead on those late night walks? Even your car, motorcycle and scooter could benefit from this.

Although these gadgets are just a bit of fun (especially at the comically slow speeds we manage) they serve to further snag the attention of other road users and keep the cyclist safe. And at this time of year they become a life saving necessity.

So well done for that Fuze.

Visit www.fuzeuk.com

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