23 August 2013

REVIEW: Q-Bopz Bluetooth Speaker

Stick around.

Suction cups; a staple of childhood if you grew up in the 80s and 90s. Just about every toy we remember playing with had them, from suction cup darts and arrows (that required a healthy dollop of spit) to wall climbing spiders and that baddy from He-Man with the suction cup mouth. To be honest, we miss the dirty ring marks the suction cups would leave everywhere, as modern gadgets tend to do without them.

So we were especially pleased to be sent something that still uses them and, thank the Gods of Gadgetry, does so in an inventive way. That's the Q-Bopz Bluetooth Speaker from QDOS.

Typically bluetooth speakers are objects that just sit there looking pretty, demanding you worship them with your smartphones and tablets. The Q-Bopz is different in that the base of that pleasingly round silicone-coated speaker is a suction cup.

Your first thought may be that the suction cup is only useful for keeping it steady on the desk/table/kitchen counter you've got it installed on, but it does far more than that. As the back of most phones are nice and smooth the Q-Bopz can easily stick there and act not only as a speaker but as a stand as well.

The same can said for tablets; the Q-Bopz props them up enough to be used comfortably to watch movies or, when shifted about on the back panel, to type - all while providing pretty decent audio.

Speaking of which, the quality of sound the Q-Bopz produces is quite impressive given the speaker's three watt size. We were also fairly amazed by how loud it can go - albeit with some distortion to the quality - even when positioned beneath a tablet. We even tried it in the car (although apart from the windows smooth surfaces were harder to find) and found the volume certainly helped to overcome the drone of motorway traffic. So now you've got a bluetooth speaker system in your car, even if it was built in 1976.

On the Q-Bopz itself you have the traditional volume controls, power switch and concealed USB charging port (cable included) which, once fully charged, offers up seven hours of constant playback. Also, despite the fact that the Q-Bopz will spend the majority of the time either stuck to your phone or at least very near to it, there is an operational range of ten metres.

We really like the Q-Bopz, especially the large range of colours and functional possibilities. As yet another small bluetooth speaker on the market, its refreshing to see one that at least makes the attempt to both be different and practical.


Visit www.qdossound.com

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