1 August 2013

REVIEW: Mega Construction Kit Pro Workshop

A saw subject.

We love to build things at The Test Pit, and when we review toys we like to get something we can really sink our teeth into. Even now, the thought of tearing open a new LEGO set is making us salivate.

However, the problem with a lot of 'build-it' toys is that the pieces are just laying there waiting for you to stick them all together. What about our manly need to cut and saw, to drill and screw (ahem) - how are these needs satisfied? Well, with the Mega Construction Kit Pro Workshop from John Adams Toys, we think we've found a way.

The Mega Construction Kit range is a series of building sets that allow mechanically minded youngsters to build a model of something using the materials provided in the box. However not all of these materials are exactly the correct size and shape, leaving dear little Harry or Harriet to use the included tools to finish the job. We like that idea very much.

But before you worry about the kids losing fingers to a hacksaw as they chop up a piece of steel tubing, all the included tools and materials are made from plastic, card and Styrofoam. So no welding required either. Phew.

We were kindly provided with the Pro Workshop set which allows intrepid young engineers the build a 50cm Dune Buggy. Foam insulation tubes, the kind used on pipes in your attic, are the main building material here, meaning the plastic saw and drill make light work of the construction process. Included also are plastic end pieces, joints, wheels and cardboard body parts to add a splash of colour and detail.

The included instructions were very helpful, initially teaching us how the tools were best used. Once we got a feel for both tool and foam tube, there was nothing stopping us and we raced through the build enjoying every moment. Having to cut elements to length really got us thinking about how the completed model would appear once finished and a great sense of accomplishment hit us when we clipped on that last bit of body.

The Mega Construction Kit range also includes the smaller Starter Workshop, the Mega Workshop and the much larger and complex Mega Blaster Workshop which allows you to build a giant foam blaster. All the sets include everything you need to get cracking.

We can certainly see what type of kid the Mega Construction Kit Pro Workshop would appeal to; those who love to build but who also relish a challenge. We can see how this kit could inspire a new generation of designers and engineers and maybe John Adams next set in the range could feature no instructions whatsoever.

There you are kids, get building.


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