21 March 2013

REVIEW: SuperTooth Melody Headphones

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Wires are the bane of modern humans. We have all this wonderful stuff; amazing gadgets, incredible technology, entertaining toys… but damn the wires are tying us down. You only need to peer behind the average living room TV cabinet to see what we’ve really become – a species knotted in our own technological success. Plus, it’s well annoying trying to untangle headphone cables on the bus. So thank the Gods of Gadgets for the SuperTooth Melody Bluetooth Headphones.

These are Bluetooth on-ear headphones with style and panache. We were keen as mustard to get at them, after suffering in our own wire-worries during the daily commute. The ‘phones themselves are sleek, light and sturdy, and come in a range of muted and classy colours. The head band itself is nicely cushioned, but not so much that the set becomes bulky. The top part is all nice and leathery and comes emblazoned with the SuperTooth logo. SuperTooth sounds like a superhero with really good dental hygiene.

The cans themselves are neat and solid, with a reassuring weight to them. However, when wrapped around your lug-holes you’ll hardly notice them. This is aided in no small part by the comforting ear cushions and adjustable band which, when set accordingly, make for a very pleasant wear. Charging is taken care of via a supplied USB cable, meaning there’s not another AC adaptor to clutter up your home.

On your head: Mr lefty is blank, while Mrs Righty contains all the control buttons you’ll need to operate the headphones. Standard buttons live here, including play/pause, back/forward, volume control and also the power/pairing switch. Speaking of which, pairing with a multitude of A2DP Bluetooth equipped tech was quick and easy. Both our phones and laptops found the headphones quick as a flash, and the connection was very strong – to a range of about ten metres.

Of course – and we wait with baited breath until the day when we’re proven wrong – Bluetooth headphones will never be as good as wired headphones. The sound quality of the SuperTooth Melody is very good, with both highs and lows registering very well. But still, there is something lacking here – a richness of sound that we have enjoyed during our previous headphone reviews (here and here). Having said that, overall we were quite impressed, particularly with the strength of the Bluetooth connection. We tested this by wandering around the house, passing through into different rooms and venturing upstairs. As long as the source of the music was within approximately ten metres, the connection was solid. So if you’re only ever using them on the bus, there should never be a problem.

Included in the box is a helpful bag which is nicely designed to fit the headphones perfectly. This is an extremely welcome addition, as although there are no wires to get tangled up, we’d hate to see the soft leather and glossy plastic casing get scratched in our filthy bags.

All in all, these are very good headphones. Because they connect via Bluetooth the quality of sound is never going to be ground-breaking, and if that is what you’re after, then these may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a well-built and reliable pair of cans for casual musical fun, light the Tooth signal and call for SuperTooth.

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Check out www.supertooth.net

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