1 March 2013

REVIEW: Proporta Accessories

Complimenting nicely with our review of Breffo accessories, we take a look at a few pretty offerings from Proporta that help make your digital life that little bit more interesting. We were lucky enough be sent a plethora of samplings from the Proporta crew, but what really caught our gadget-loving eyes was the Pocket Power portable charger.

We’ve all been in the horrid situation when the juice on our phone/tablet/mp3 player is about to run out and we really need to make a call/send an email/listen to Charlotte Church. But hot darn, there’s no power socket anywhere near by, which means in just a few sad seconds you will lose your connection to the rest of the world. And Charlotte Church!

Buy yay, salvation. You are clever, and have previously forked out for this particularly life-saving gadget – the Pocket Power from Proporta. About the same dimensions as a credit card (albeit much thicker) the Pocket Power is just that – power from your pocket. The unit is essentially a small battery, and complete with built-it micro USB cable, allows you to charge your favourite tech anywhere.

We found the Pocket Power worked best by charging it, dropping it into our bag, then forgetting about it. You’ll thank the high heavens when you really need it; discovering it in the nick of time to lend power to your phone. Do note though – allow about the same size as a phone battery, we discovered the Pocket Power couldn’t charge a phone fully, instead giving over about a third of the battery’s normal charge. But still, in an emergency situation, that is more than enough to fulfil your needs and we thought the product would be well suited to motorists and walkers who may find themselves stranded out in the wilderness with no source of power.

Included with the Pocket Power are a full-sized USB cable for charging the unit (which seemed to take no time at all) and also an Apple 30-pin adaptor for our iPhone and iPod using buddies. A nice touch, giving the product universal appeal.

But Proporta aren’t just concerned with powering your tech – they also do a pretty good job at protecting it as well. We were sent a mixture of phone cases along with the Pocket Power, and were particular impressed with the aluminium lined leather protective case. As stylish leather cases go, this is certainly the most rigged – having an actual sheet of metal sewn into the leather, offering unquestionable sturdiness and cover. A lovely addition to a varied and colourful range.

Proporta also produce a great mix of other cases – some leather, some not – and their website seems to cater for almost all phone makes and models, including lots for the new iPhone 5. If you are looking to keep your shiny new tech just that – shiny and new – pay them a visit today.

Pocket Power £12.95
Aluminium-lined leather case £29.99

Check out www.proporta.com

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