7 February 2013

REVIEW: IRISNotes Executive 2

So you’re in a meeting or a lecture or just had a really good idea and made some notes. You look back at what you’ve scribbled on your notepad, in handwriting that would cause your primary school teacher shudder, quit their job and declare themselves a failure, and you think… crap, I really should type this mess up. So you set to the long and laborious task of typing up your notes, attempting to decipher your hastily scribbled lines and curls, hoping that you haven’t wasted yet another meeting/lecture/really good idea.

But then you remember you’re living in the future, and that you took the notes while using the IRISNotes Executive 2. This clever little gadget consists of a special pen and sleek black sensor. All you need do is attach the sensor to the top of the page of your note pad, switch it on, and by taking the notes with the special pen everything you write be will be recorded by a kind of science that we think is basically just magic.

Seriously, the IRISNotes Execitive 2 is incredible. It is like having a scanned copy of the notes you’ve taken, without having to scan anything. Here’s something we wrote using the sensor and pen:

Once completed, we plugged the sensor into our computer (compatible with Windows, Mac and, thanks to included 30-pin cable, iPhones and iPads) and downloaded the note using the included software. This is what the sensor captured:

Pretty amazing, eh? There are one of two places where the lines didn’t quite connect correctly, but what the sensor has captured is basically exactly how the pen moved across the paper. Now for the really useful part. The software will then convert you image into actual text which can be copied, pasted, emailed and saved to your heart’s content. This is what it did:

Hello Im using a magic pen. One day I hope to use a magic carpet to fly aiiay into the sunset. Until that day, Ill settle for the IRISNotes Executive 2.
Thanks, bye

Not bad. Sure, it’s not exact, but we think that is mostly due to our scribbled hand. Your handwritten notes are now automatically typed up, saving you time and energy. But we wanted to test the IRISNotes further and decided to try again, this time writing really quickly and a little more messily. We did this:

Which was turned into this:

And then converted into this text:

Right, this time Im trying harder to write quicker and in messier handwriting. In trying to catch the IRISNotes Executive 2 out.
Ha, Im great. I'm a hvmanf
Anyway, bye again!
Still pretty amazing. There are endless uses for IRISNotes Executive 2 and endless applications. Students will keep on top of lecture notes, business bods will never miss an opportunity to exploit their colleague’s weaknesses (is that what business people do?) and writers will be able to pen their magnum opus free-hand, safe in the knowledge that their work won’t need typing up afterwards.

All in all, an incredible piece of technology that will change the way you write. You’ll still write like a retarded monkey though.

£100-£150 depending on where you buy.

Check out the IRISNotes Executive 2 at www.irislink.com
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